Hiking these long trails has been a true privilege for me.  These trails are here for anyone to hike and be inspired by due to the hard work of the organizations (Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Pacific Crest Trail Association, and the Continental Divide Trail Coalition) that support these long trails.  Simply hiking these trails is a privilege, and does not merit your financial support of my hikes.  Instead, if you enjoy this blog and want to give back, I encourage you to follow the links above to the respective trail organization and donate to them directly. It is easy to do, and will surely make a huge difference in preserving these trails for future generations.

If you live in the area of one of these trails, you can also get involved directly with the organization.  I know many of the tireless workers who work for these organizations, and they deserve far more praise than any hiker on the trails.  Volunteer, join the organization, or give a one time donation.  Any contribution helps!

3 thoughts on “Donate”

  1. April 'Bearclaw' Sylva said:

    Awesome, Twinkle! This is so respectable and I love that you are not asking for a handout to do what you love! Giving back to the trails that give to you is what it’s all about.

  2. Brian Roach said:

    Twinkle, do you do any pre-PCT consulting?

    • Hi Brian, Sorry I’m so late in the response. I do not do pre-PCT consulting for money. however I’m happy to share in any insight you may need. Let me know if you have any specific questions. Thanks!

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