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About – In 2015 I will be setting out to hike the Continental Divide Trail (CDT). When finished, I hope to head out East, and finish my 2014 hike of the Appalachian Trail (AT) by hiking from Hanover, NH to Mount Katahdin. This will complete my ‘triple crown’ of hiking (the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Continental Divide Trail).

Bio – Steven ‘Twinkle’ Shattuck knew from an early age that his time was best spent in the outdoors.  When he was growing up, his family of six took yearly vacations camping out west, along with many days throughout the year spent hiking, biking, sledding, swimming, and anything else that involved being outdoors and active.  His first dream job was being a paleontologist, so he could work outdoors. Yet he ended up being an accountant. Steven’s initial reason for wanting to become an accountant was due to the prolonged time off in the summers, providing him ample time to immerse himself in nature. A mix of luck and hard work would bring Steven to Denver working at Deloitte & Touche LLP.  In his first three years at Deloitte he worked in Detroit, New York City, and Denver, on many large clients, both public and private.

When he was able to tear himself away from business travel and late nights at the office, he was in the Colorado Rockies hiking before sunrise to high peaks, rafting, Mountain biking in the foothills, learning how to ski, and camping with friends. He has hiked the John Muir Trail (twice), the Long Trail (End-to-End), the Colorado Trail, the High Sierra Trail, and climbed forty-eight of the fifty-eight peaks in Colorado over 14,000 feet in just one year.  Utilizing the ultralight theory to go further and faster, he looks forward to tackling new, ambitious adventures, and never ‘growing up’.

In 2014, Steven obtained a Leave of Absence from Deloitte for 6 months, and hiked the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada (2,660 miles). Upon Completing this in August, he flew out east and met a friend on the Appalachian trail in Hanover, NH. From there, he hiked 1,750 miles south to Springer Mountain. In total, he hiked over 4,400 trail miles in 2014.

Steven grew up in Spring Lake, MI and is one of four children. He graduated from Grand Valley State University (Allendale, MI) with a B.A. in Business in 2010 and an M.S.A. in Accounting in 2011.

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14 thoughts on “About Twinkle”

  1. Twinkle where are you?! No posts for two weeks…we miss you and are wondering about your progress! Keep us posted.


    Knoxville, Tennessee

    • Hey Andy, thanks for the feedback! Currently I’m in delegate water gap, Pennsylvania. Been cruising on the AT. Having trouble with wordpress – ran out of space/memory on my account, so until I get time at a computer I cannot post anything. I can’t even save drafts! But as soon as I have time, I’ll get it worked out and be back! Thanks for the patience 🙂

  2. I was worried about you too! I followed your PCT hike and am keeping tabs on this one too. Glad it’s just a technical issue and not something serious. Look forward to getting caught up with your adventures when you get it all straightened out.

    Be well, Desiree
    Hot Springs, AR

  3. I am in Denver on business and as I walked on Wynnkoop today for lunch I thought I remembered that this was your off-trail professional-work home. Then I checked here and I was right. I waved.

  4. Jeff Hersey said:

    hey twinkle………….. this is Raggs. I crossed the Candian border in the middle of August. You gave me carmel popcorn on my birthday in June. It was the best birthday gift ever! 59 yo and still going for it……. love you man……..jeff

    • Hey Raggs! How have you been post-trail? I remember sharing the Carmel Corn my Uncle sent me on your birthday. If I remember, that’s when you headed South out of Donner Pass, right? Always an inspiration seeing you kicking ass out there at your age. Not letting anything slow you down, that’s rad. I hope to do the same in 31 years!

  5. I have you some billing in this post: http://norberthaupt.com/2014/12/28/movie-review-wild/

    • Great detailed post, and thanks for sharing, Norbert! I, personally, loved both the book and movie. So long as you go into it knowing it’s not about the PCT, it’s really a great read and watch. Did you enjoy your time in Denver? Do anything worth while? If you’re in town again, get at me before, and we could grab a beer!

      • Thanks for the Denver invite. Working on prepping for an IT project with Maximus, who have an office there. May well need to visit there again, and if I do, beer would be most fun. Went to a place called Illegal Pete’s – good burritos!

  6. Jeff Hersey said:

    Twinkle…….. last saw you at the Dinsmores, warned you that someone left a nasty note about Carrot at the trail magic ice chest just before Snoqualmie. Post trail is hard dude, I want to be back out there. Thanks for the kind words, I was elated just to hang with you for a moment. You are one awesome thru hiker!…………….. “Raggs”

  7. Twinkle, I’ve really been enjoying your blog. I wish we would be on trail together this summer (but I’ll be on the PCT), if for no other reason than that I’d love to see your master photography in action!

    Anyway, are you familiar with the Liebster Award? It’s a way of recognizing up-and-coming bloggers and commemorating great work. I just nominated your blog: http://livinghighonlife.com/2015/02/20/liebster-award/.

    Happy trails!

    • Wow Kristin, that’s extremely nice of you 🙂 Thank you for all your kind words, and the nomination – I wasn’t aware of that award. And I’m glad you enjoy the pictures. I’ve been extremely fortunate to visit all of the beautiful places that I’ve been. Most of the time, it’s pretty enough to make me look a lot more skilled than I really am 🙂

      Are you planning on doing the whole PCT, Kristin? Either way, I’m envious. As you know, I LOVED the PCT. Everything about it was so great. And here in the winter, I’m missing the desert more now than any other section. It really was beautiful!

      I haven’t blogged in some time due to being in busy season at work. I’ve got some fun plans in late march/early April that I’m looking forward to though. And I’ve been planning a lot for the CDT, which I am beyond excited for! I hope you have a great weekend Kristin, and thank you again 🙂

      • Yes, I will be planning to do the whole PCT, and I’m so excited! I’ll be leaving in a couple months, and I’ve been running the dehydrator around the clock to get ready. I know that the PCT will be dramatically different from the AT and the other trails I’m familiar with on this side of the Mississippi; I’m really looking forward to getting to know that region of the country.

        Have a wonderful time on all of your upcoming journeys! I’m looking forward to following along. Happy trails, Twinkle!

  8. Jack Darr said:

    Hi Steven,
    Nice meeting and Grace last night. Good fortune in the rest of your journey. Our trip to Toroweap Overlook was well worth the long dirt road.
    Jack (backpax) Darr

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