AT 2014

Upon completing the PCT on August 18th, 2014, I set out to the AT to meet up with my good friend, Andrea “Scudz” Jordan.  She had started at Mount Katahdin, the Northern Terminus of the AT on August 1st, and we met in Hanover, NH on August 25.  Heading South, we made it to Springer Mountain in Georgia, the Southern Terminus of the AT, on November 9th, 2011.  Please see my PCT page for planning for the trips (combined).  Below are my posts from the Appalachian Trail in 2014:

Prior to trail:

PCT –> AT, A reflection as I transition

On Trail:

Day 1: Diving Right in

Back on the Long Trail

Morning Light on Killington Peak

I hope I don’t have Giardia…

I don’t have Giardia, YAY!!

Cruising through Southern Vermont: Our first 30 on the AT

Shorter Days and Longer Nights; Hiking into Autumn on the AT

The woods and the morning

My most beautiful morning on the trail

More important, where ya been?

A beautiful Morning on Max Patch & an intro to Southern Hospitality via the East Family

Snowmaggedon in the Smokies

Springer – The Southern terminus where I end my walking this year

Post Trail:

Finishing the AT, and life post trail

Gear Review – For both the AT & PCT – Check out what I thought of the gear I used!




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