It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this blog.  It’s been a wild year, and blogging took a back seat for a bit.  But I’m back, feeling the creative energy to put out some fun stuff.  To catch up on the year…

  • I tried the Superior Hiking Trail, attempting to do it in 6 days.  I did 112 miles in the first two days, and on day three, my right knee started to hurt, and I quit.  It was a fun time, and I learned many good lessons.
  • I started a new job Sept 20th of last year, almost a full year ago.
  • My good friend Guthrie and I moved to Golden, and roomed together.  Guthrie likes Golden a lot more than Austin.  You may remember Guthrie from the PCT, where we met and became good friends!
  • I fell in love (awww) with Grace, got engaged in February, and got married in July. I couldn’t be more in love!
  • I did a bunch more adult things.
  • In terms of outdoor persuits, I refocused on my passion for climbing.  I enrolled in mountaineering school this past winter, and had classes 3 days a week for 3 months, including full day weekends.  I learned a lot about winter travel and technical ascents.
  • I got into AT (All Terrain) Skiing, or Backcountry skiing as it’s often called, and skied several large peaks this past year
  • I finished the Colorado 14ers, highlighted by the Little Bear to Blanca Traverse, and the Maroon Bells Traverse.
  • I focused mostly on the Colorado Centennials, or the 100 highest peaks in Colorado.  Currently I’m at 75, and hope to finish that by the end of 2017.
  • I had a Honeymoon in Canada, backpacking and climbing.  It was amazing.
  • I’ve also done some backpacking.  A bit this winter with Dirtmonger, Handy Andy, and Guthrie.
  • Handy Andy and I went back to Montana and did some more in the Beartooths, putting together a route we are calling the Beartooth High Route.
  • I saw my first death in the mountains, on the Beartooth High Route just below Granite Peak.  Also this year, A good friend had his partner fall and die on the maroon bells traverse, just two days before I did it.  Both incidents have been scary and eye opening.  Be careful in the mountains.  Both unfortunate events have made me focus on safety.

I’m finishing up my write up on the Beartooth High Route, and will post a somewhat detailed guide, with complete map set, in the coming days.  I’m really excited about this route.  The beartooth mountains are amazing!

I have posted most of my adventures on instagram. You can find those here:

Here are some additional pictures from Mine and Grace’s Honeymoon in August…

Hope you’ve all been well, and stay tuned for a full report on the Beartooth High Route, 2 years in the making!