i wake up early and head out. I’m much more tired and slow than yesterday. I get a beautiful sunrise and hit la plata peak early. I snap some shots, enjoy the view, and then head down. The way down is slow. Rocky, snowy, icy. I get some amazing views though. I hit Winfield a few hours later and begging my climb up Huron. It’s crowded with people, most already headed down. Storms start to brew, and about half way up it starts raining. Near the summit thunder rumbles and I drop my pack and go up as fast as I can. I tag it, run back down, and bolt below tree line. 
I then decide to head to Missouri basin where I can camp near all 3 of Oxford Belford and Missouri. Maybe the weather will clear up and I’ll be able to get a few more. But it’s not in the cards. After setting up camp at 11,500 I attempt to go up Belford only to bail due to lightning. Bummer. I’ll have to get them tomorrow. A 2am alarm is set.