4,400 miles after starting at the border of Mexico and the US on the pacific crest trail, I have finished my hiking this season. Spanning the entire PCT and 1,750 miles of the AT from Hanover, New Hampshire to springer mountain in Georgia, the southern terminus of the AT.

I’ll have a blog post to follow up on my last days, and where I’m going from here. (Hint below).

Springer hill, I mean, mountain. Springer mountain ladies and gentlemen. The southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail!

My trail family for the last 1,000 miles of the AT. Scudz, myself, arbor, wolfburger, and the kid. I’ll miss them all, as they are great hiking companions.

You can’t have a proper finish without jumping high-fives. Arbor and I.

My great friend Scudz and I. She completed the entire trail (from Katahdin) in just 101 days. First thruhike. Boss. Total boss.

Soon I’ll have a computer, and I’ll be able to update for the last few days in Georgia, among other things. Until then, here’s your hint for next year…p