Sheriff woody, Guthrie, brainstorm, tiny and I got a room at manning park after completing the pct. Celebrating with beers and food.

I spend the next few days getting from manning park to Vancouver. Then Guthrie and I head down to Seattle and stay with my good friend jimmy who I grew up with in Michigan. He shows us an awesome time in the city and is an amazing host. Three full days in Seattle. Guthrie and I walk the streets downtown, go trail running at discovery park, meet up with Krispies for an awesome dinner, take a ferry across the sound to see my good friends mother whom I’m very close with, and drink lots of local brews. I get a new pair of shoes, as mine were pretty shot. I also get some new shirts. I figure it can’t hurt, and will help my at experience be distinctly different. I know it will be, but the new shirts will help separate it did me. Jimmy takes us out the last night on his boat and we watch the sunset behind the city from union lake. It’s beautiful. My time in Seattle was amazing!

I have a flight to Nyc with a layover in San Francisco, and it’s perfect! I get to see mt rainier, mt Adams, mt hood, the sister, and mt Shasta! It all quizzes by so quickly. I hiked that whole way, on my feet. At roughly 3 miles an hour. And here I am retracing those areas at 600 miles an hour. It feels so strangeX and I suddenly feel so lonely for my pct friends. I already miss them all. The emotions are strange, knowing I’ll never see them all together again. At least we live in a time of Facebook, text messages, Instagram, and snapchat. This way, I know we’ll keep in touch at least a bit.

Once in NYC, I stay with my good friend carol. I haven’t seen her since I moved from NYC to Denver, and it’s great catching up. I also see my good grade school friend, Kyle, a fellow adventurer. The three of us share stories and discuss the meaning of life, and how each of us feels most alive while we watch the sun set over manhattan. I’ll never tire of the manhattan skyline. The city played such a big part in shaping my future and my priorities. I learned how much I loved big cities, and all of the opportunities there. All of the amazing people you can meet. It feels so good to be back, even if just for a few days. I meet up with another good friend, Alyssa, who I worked with while there. She’s going to Switzerland for a few weeks, then going to India with Deloitte for several months. It’s great to see her and hear of everything she’s doing. It’s just so good to be back!

Then I have to go. Back to the trail, the place I belong. I’m taking a bus (currently) to Hanover, NH. Here, I’ll meet up with my best friend from Denver, Andrea. She started the AT SoBo on august 1st. She’s been doing really well on her first ‘thru’. I’m really excited to see her and begin another epic adventure. The app trail is going to be so much different than the pct. I can’t wait to be in the forest, in the green. Such an intimate setting, much like Washington felt at times. Trees and bushes brushing right up against you.

It’s also another challenge. And I love challenges. I also love walking, and on better at walking right now than I ever have been ;). I’m happy to be able to continue.

Here’s a few pictures from my time off trail. Hitting up the Appalachian trail starting tomorrow. How good it will be, to be back on my feet in the forest.

Brainstorm in Vancouver. It felt so strange being in such a large city the day after completing the pct.

Guthrie becomes a tourist. A city tourist. I guess we were just forest and mountain ‘tourists’ this whole time anyhow.

Guthrie next to an ad about people climbing Whitney. We climbed Whitney. Yet city folk look at us like we’re bums

Guthrie and Krispies with their post pct looks. I’m still looking fresh (and smelling it, too).




Some more Seattle pictures from the 3 days spent there.

Guthrie and I had a great trail run in discovery park. But man, did it make us sore. Not the same muscles you use for hiking.

Mrs Perkins and I. So good to see you!


I’m on a boat!

Mt rainier as seen from the plane. The pictures I took with my nice camera turned out way better. But for now, this is the best I could get.

Mt Shasta!

Kyle and I in Brooklyn.

Kyle and carol at a cool bar in Brooklyn. Carol showed us to a few great places.

Kyle, carol and I.

I love this city.

Accounting nerds. Though not as square as you may think! Great to see Alyssa!

The palisades are to the sierras what the Chrysler is to NYC. It’s the most beautiful building!


Grand central station. So many people. How did I get here?!