Day 108, august 10th
Start: camp past deception creek, mile 2456
End: highway 2, mile 2476
Miles hiked: 20

I wake up late. The mood is relaxed in the morning. No one rushing out before 6 am in anticipation of a long day. Today is a short day. A 20 mile day. Practically a half day! Guthrie and I eat breakfast and talk of town food. And a cold beer.

I caboose it up today, back of the group. The air is filled with smoke from nearby forest fires. It makes it a little difficult to breath at times, but never anything serious. The worst part about the smoke (besides that it’s coming from devastating fires) is that it takes away from the mountainous views. Surrounding mountains aren’t sharp and defined. Instead they’re blurred, unfocused. A real bummer.

We pass by many weekend/section hikers all bound for Snoquolamie pass. It’s a 75 mile hike, and well worth the effort. One of the gems of the pct. If you’re reading this, and you live in Seattle, this backpacking trip is a must! Take 5 days to do it, 15 miles a day. You’ll be greatly rewarded.

I pass under some lonely gondolas south of Stevens pass. My cousin mike said that this was his favorite ski resort while we was living in Seattle an going to college. I wonder how it compares to the slopes in Colorado that I frequented last winter. I’m already excited for ski season, though I may very likely not be hitting the slopes much this year due to work.

It’s under the gondolas that I see chimp and rd…heading south! They are the mysterious hikers attempting a yoyo. A yoyo hike is when you hike from one end of a trail to the other only to turn around and hike back again. Less than a handful of people have ever accomplished this on the pct. If you’ve been reading this blog from the start, you’ll remember that I got a ride to the border and started with them. Even hiked with them till mile 250 or so until they started pulling ahead. It’s so cool to see them again heading southbound. I really hope they make it, and I feel that they will. They were in great high spirits.

As I descend to the pass and lodge I meet Scottie and mark who offer me a ride down to Baring, where the Dinsmores are at. They’re trail angels in the pct guide, taking in hikers every year. We get pizza, beer, soda, the woks. Mac and not a chance show up after being a day behind for true past 180 miles. They did the last section in two days! It’s great to see them both again.