Day 105, august 7th
Start: camp at mile 2379
End: Snoquolamie pass, mile 2402
Miles hiked: 23

The whole gang is up early, hiking through the misty forest. It’s only 23 miles to Snoquolamie pass, where trail angels roger and Shelene are going to pick the whole gang up at 3:00.

I feel very strong today; my feet don’t hurt, my legs feel good, and I just cruise. The ‘sea fog’ from the morning gets thinner and thinner as the morning passes on, and soon there’s nothing left of it. The sun has own out again, and the day turns humid and warm.

I think about the Appalachian trail as I hike, wondering what it will feel like to go from being on the west coast with all of the friends I’ve made, to going out east and being with Andrea, a friend from home. I’m excited to start that adventure, excited to see Andrea. I’m also very excited to finish the PCT. I’ve still got my hiking mojo. I still want more. I’m learning so much every day that I want to continue hiking and seeing new things. I’m not sure how I’ll feel when I finish the pct, but for now, I feel ready. It’ll be exciting to have finished a long trail, to be able to call myself a thru-hiker. When people ask if I’m a thru-hiker on the trail, I still respond “I’m trying to be.” Because I haven’t finished yet, so in my eyes, I’m not a thru-hiker until I’ve finished a thru-hike. I’m close… Real close.

I cruise all of the way to Snoquolamie pass, reaching it with tiny and brainstorm at 1:30. I pick up a few boxes, my resupply and my new backpack from Gossamer Gear, the Kumo. I meet homeless guy, stumbles, and the hobbit, and talk with them for some time before the whole gang shows up, and Shelene and Roger are here to pick us up. It’s a huge hiker party in the parking lot as they bring crispy creme doughnuts and sodas. Homeless guy, hobbit, stumbles, carrot, woody, brainstorm, crispies, handy Andy, pigpen, Guthrie, tiny, brainstorm, colonel, guacarock, and I all pig out before they bring ten of us back to their home near Seattle.

At they’re home, they make us all feel as if we’re one of their own. They’re both so inviting, making everyone feel comfortable. They cook us a giant meal, let us all shower, and do all of our laundry. It’s amazing, and I relax right away.

The night is spent eating, drinking, and playing the village as a large group. Crispies is the wolf, if any of you are familiar, and kills coughee and I first. Taking out the alpha males, that girls got brains.

It’s another great night, just the same as when we all stayed at Chris and Marijo’s place. They didnt know any of us before this, yet they open up their house and bend over backwards to make us happy and comfortable. The generosity is beyond nice, and before the night is over they feel like friends; like they’re part of the gang. No longer are they just kind strangers. More than anything, it’s been the people that have made this trip so memorable for me. The hikers, and just as importantly, the trail angels. From those who fill caches, give rides when you’re hitching, offer you a snack on the trail, and those who invite you into their homes. That’s what has made this experience so good.