Day 100, august 2nd
Start: trout lake alien observatory, mile 2237
End: mosquito camp, mile 2266
Miles hiked: 29

I wake up and get my stuff in order, walking two miles down the road to town. Carrot, coughee, sheriff woody, and pockets are all there already.

“Not one car has passed in our direction.” Sheriff says to me.

I grab a huckleberry smoothly from the little cafe connected to the gas station. Huckleberries are like blueberries, but way better. More tart.

Carrot has enough service to get ahold of Guthrie, and his dad comes down from the pass to pick us up. We load all 9 of us in his suburban in true hiker trash fashion. Once at the pass, we are greeted with a multitude of breakfast food, prepared by mrs Guthrie herself! Scrambled eggs with spinach, sausage, toast, and a ton of orange juice. I even take a full mtn dew, believe it or not. We have been hands down the most spoiled group when it comes to trail magic. Everyone treating us so well, and the Alexander’s are prime examples! Thanks again!

I climb up the slopes of mount Adams, right near where the portal opened up last night for the ET spaceships to enter, with Mac, woody, coughee, pockets, and milestone. The area turns into a beautiful burn zone. Not a desolate dusty place, but rather one filled with flowers of all kinds. They have totally taken over here! I breathe deeply as I climb, smelling the strong scent of the flowers as mount Adams towers above. A beautiful morning, indeed.

The trail continues climbing as it skirts it’s way around Adams, showing us different angels of this beautiful peak. From the northwest, it shows it’s any glaciers. They’re huge!

We continue north, eventually reaching a small camp, dark and covered with Mosquitos. I’m sick of Mosquitos. So sick of them.