Day 99, august 1st
Start: deer lake, mile 2217
End: trout lake alien observatory, mile 2237
Miles hiked: 20

It’s only twenty miles to the road that takes us to trout lake. I plan on going into town quickly, then heading back out, hopefully getting more miles. I leave camp early, just after crispies. We’re cowboy camping, and the wee Mosquitos are up and at it.

The trail meanders through the forest, going up and down gentle slopes. I listen to more podcasts of hardcore history, this time a nine hour series named “the blueprint for Armageddon”. It chronicles the events leading into World War One, a war I know very little about. Talk about total madness and destruction. Old war styles meeting modern day weapons, and no one had any idea how to adjust for this.

The group gets far ahead when pockets and Guthrie point out that a pivotal seem in my backpack, the one that attaches my straps into the bottom of my pack. Shoot. Not something I can permanently fix without a machine. I panic a bit. It looks like it might not even last the next few days, and without it I’m down to one shoulder strap. I call up gossamer gear and order a Kumo. Have it sent to snoquolamie pass. I hike on nervously, wondering how this happened. Must have been all the running I do on the trail. That’s got to put a lot of stress on those two seems that take the bulk of the pressure. Either way, it’s more user error. As I should have reinforced the seems better last December when I made the pack. I’m a bit bummed out, as I wanted the pack to last till the border, but it looks like it’ll fall short by about 260 miles. 😦

I get to the road and find Guthrie, carrot, pockets, and a girl names Molly who is section hiking. Each gets rides one by one. Guthrie picked up by his parents who give me a full mtn dew. I love them. Then Marijo and Chris pick me up, with another mtn dew. They’ve got my resupply, and woody’s, RC’s and Guthrie’s. It’s so nice of them! They take me into trout lake with Toyo, a Japanese hiker, 72, who is getting off trail after 2,200 miles.

We all sit together in the grass outside of the grocery store. Chris and Marijo get to see the life of a thru hiker in full force. We’re smelly, dirty, and just trashy. They take a bunch of us to James place just a few miles from downtown trout lake. He offered to have us stay at his place. Super nice of him. He owns a retreat dedicated to the research and viewing of extra terrestrial ships. He tells us about big foots in the area, the ufo’s he sees around mount Adams, and many other things. He’s a genuine guy, and invited us to view the ufo’s with him and his followers tonight. How could I ever pass this up?

At the complex we all set up our camps. Not a chance, Mac, carrot, Guthrie, coughee, sheriff woody, pockets, milestone and I. A Czech man, peter, joins us. He came all of the way from his home country to see this place. It’s his final destination in the us, and he’s ready to see some ufo’s.

We all go out an hour after dark to James’ open field with amazing views of mount Adams. He tells us of the ufo’s that travel into the mountains. It’s really interesting to hear of his ideas and views of what’s happening. Many people would call him crazy, but I can’t dispute his ideas. It’s what he believes, and I respect that.

We retire to our beds not quite convinced, although the followers there are completely convinced of what they’re seeing. It’s real late, and coyotes are howling in the distance. Today was a trip. A wild trip, and I love it.