Day 98, July 31st
Start: Panther creek camp ground, mile 2,190
End: deer lake in Indian heaven wilderness, mile 2,217
Miles hiked: 27

Climbing, up and up. Through a gentle forest, lush and green, we climb. For nearly 3,000 feet, we hike up and out of panther creek. The slope isn’t too bad, and the feet come easier than expected.

I listen to some podcasts I downloaded while at the lindstroms, hardcore history. The episodes I choose are ‘the wrath of Kahn’. It’s 9 hours long, and I nearly finish it today. I get totally enthralled with the rise of the mongols, and their coming of age on the step. In the early 1200’s, they went from the poorest nomads to defeating most of Asia and much of Europe in one lifetime. It’s an amazing podcast that Mac recommended, and if you’re a history buff, I would highly recommend it.

The scenery today is rolling hills socked in a dense forest. I leapfrog with Guthrie most of the day, who is also listening to hardcore history (Mac has us addicted).

I pass a large, beautiful lake and stop to take a break. It’s a bright blue lake, much like those found in glacier national park. I hear some loud coughing… It’s coughee! He’s in the water with chance Mac and crispies, and I soon join them. Carrot and Guthrie catch up, and not long after sheriff is there as well. He’s been chugging to catch up to us after Marijo dropped him off this morning. I’m glad he didn’t have to skip this section to recover from whatever the dentist did to his mouth.

We move on as a group and find camp at deer lake. The Mosquitos are horrendous, but we had heard this. Indian heaven wilderness was said to have a lot left still. I sent my bug net home while at cascade locks. Tonight, I regret that decision, and I sleep when the Mosquitos sleep.

(I currently don’t get enough service for pictures. Washington has had very, very little service, so posts may come in bunches. Just an FYI)