Day 97, July 29th
Start: camp one mile from tunnel falls
End: bridge of the gods on the Washington side, mile 2,155
Miles hiked: 12

It’s 6:00, and I’m off with Guthrie, coughee, and sheriff woody heading toward tunnel falls. It’s only .5 or so miles before we reach the waterfall. It’s so much bigger than I imagined it would be, stretching over 100 feet. The trail has been blown into the cliff side and behind the falls. Green moss covered the rocks and cliff sides, and trees hang off the cliffs at imaginable angles. The temperature drops as we head under the falls. We’ve got the falls all to ourselves, taking pictures and talking of how surreal it is to be here, after spending so much time up in the mountains and high ridges, we’re down low in eagle creek canyon, lush and damp, waterfalls at every turn.

We cruise the next few miles to the highway and take off to cascade locks as a big group. We head to the far side of town to the ice cream/burger joint where Sheryl strayed ended her 1,000 mile hike on the pct.

“One day, they’re going to move the monument here. Right next to this white bench!” Says carrot.
“And everyone gets to start in Tehachapi, and skip the sierras!” I chime in.
“The Sheryl strayed national scenic trail, where you have to sacrifice a boot, and make the trail seem impossibly difficult.” Woody adds.

We do a few things around town, then was across the bridge. I talk with the bridge worker for our group. I tell her we’re all hikers, and She let’s us across for free. There’s ten of us, since we saw grapenut in town. We haven’t seen him since Kennedy meadows south, entering the sierras. He’s a great young guy from greater Dallas area, wears minimums shoes, and has just been killing it since we last saw him. Constantly staying a few days ahead of us.