Day 95, July 27th
Start: timberline lodge, mile 2,107
End: camp on ridge of mount hood, mile 2,110
Miles hiked: 3

Guth and I wake up, staying in our sleeping bags till 7:00, when it’s time to get into the lodge and go to breakfast. Mac and not a chance are already there waiting. The breakfast is all you can eat. This alone makes it amazing. Throw in that it’s amazing food, and it makes for the best breakfast yet! So good! We eat for an hour and a half. Scrambled eggs with cheese and some awesome seasoning, Belgium waffles, banana bread, ham, yogurt, huckleberry smoothies. It’s unreal.

We retire to some comfy seats in the lobby and I catch up on some blogging as many people shuffle all around. It’s nice and peaceful, perfect time to blog.

As we’re sitting there, kimchi and atlas show up! We saw them while we were hiking SoBo, and they worked hard to hitch to the wedding, making it in time!

Soon we all gather behind the lodge up on the pct, waiting to see dirt monger and Bearclaw. They show at 12:00, Bearclaw in a great wedding dress complete with hiker shades and altra’s. She looks beautiful, every hikers dream girl! Dirt is looking great himself, fresh cut and trimmed beard, with fancy hiker clothes on. All good is with them, he’s the president of the ALDHA, and just a great guy. We all gather and listen to their vows, which were both beautifully written. Mount hood as the backdrop for the wedding, how awesome! Chance is crying, dirt and Bearclaw both tearing up hard. It was really nice, I could see just how much they care about eachother.


Bearclaw, the bride

Atlas and kimchi

Coughee is back!!

Wiki wiki, wiki’s bf, and not a chance

Mac and Guthrie

Rice crispy and sheriff woody.



Some wedding pictures. Such a great couple, I’m happy for ya dirt and Bearclaw!

JrSr and I, post wedding. So pumped!

After the wedding we all go eat and drink at the lodge. We all tell stories about previous hikes, talk about how Bearclaw and dirtmonger met and their experiences together on the trail. It’s so fun being with everyone, celebrating a great on trail wedding. How wild is that? A wedding of our two friends, on the pct. Something I’ll remember forever.

After a few hours we all pack up, and continue hiking north. Bearclaw and dirt monger are heading to the coast for a bit of time, but the rest of us head to zig zag canyon and camp on a ridge. We shotgun pull some rocks (a favorite game amongst the boys), and play some word game that coughee taught us all as the sun colors Mt. Hood pink and purple. The sunset is just great.

I crawl into my new sleeping bag, thinking how well I’ve got it out here. I’m with my friends every day. We just went to a wedding at the base of mount hood, seeing two good friends get happily married. And now we go to bed all next to eachother and watch the colors fade. It’s a surreal life on the pct.



Hiking out and the colors on mt hood.




The best photo progression ever. Photos from Whitney “all good” Woody air Jordan’s to get the flowers. Drops them, but tucks and rolls, not letting them hit the ground! Then he pumps them in the air, celebrating his winnings. Then he kicks himself in the head at the crowds request! This dude is amazing.