Day 92, July 24th
Zero in sisters

Trail angel Blanche drives us to big lake youth camp to get everything we need. I have new shoes, sleeping bag from zpacks, and 6 days of food. She has been so good to us, driving us all around. She’s newly 70, and she’s going to hike the Oregon section of the pct this august. She’ll do great!

I do laundry, shower, get some food, send out some things from the post office. Coughee shows up!! He’s feeling great, and is going to hike with us out of timberline. It’s so good to see him again, looking strong, looking good! He looked so ill the last few times I saw him, sick with giardia. Rice crispy also shows up and crashes in our room. She’s working out trying to get around the fires as well. JrSr is going to join them hitching around the fires tomorrow.

Carrot heads out at night, determined to do the trail and detours around the fire. We all wish her luck.

Guthrie also shows, he did 14 miles today, talked of how beautiful it was. His pictures are incredible! I didn’t see any of this. Just clouds. What a bummer!

Mac, chance, woody, Guthrie and I all discuss what we want to do. Our friends wedding is Sunday at timberline. We don’t want to do the road walks around fire closures. It sounds stressful, not scenic, and it’s not even the pct. I haven’t done any of the road walks around closures, I’ve been a big baby about it. I didn’t come out here to walk on roads, I want to hike the pct, see the beauty. We talk pros and cons of different things. My preference is to hike SoBo through the sisters, where we just hiked through. I missed all of the views, all of the beauty. I would like to see that, see the mountains in all their glory. Then hitch from elk lake to timberline, skipping the fire closures. We would get to see amazing mountains on the pct, and still make timberline for our friend Bearclaw and dirt mongers wedding, which I do not want to miss! So, that’s the tentative plan. Hopefully we can hitch alright. Get lucky with some rides. We’ll see what happens. I’m excited to see the sisters, hike SoBo and see friends.

Here’s a video I took while running from the storm in the open a few days ago. Check out that lightning strike!!