Day 89, July 21st
Start: shelter cove resort, mile 1,912
End: stormy lake, mile 1,942
Miles hiked: 30

Guthrie’s parents set their alarms and wake before us. They cook us a a amazing breakfast with everything imaginable. It’s amazing, and the hikers devour everything. I slam a few mountain dews, we take some goofy pictures, and all head out back to the trail together.

The trail heads uphill past Willamette pass, where the Oregon trail leads. We all head up together and pass some beautiful little lakes near the ski area. It’s a bit chilly today, making the hiking very pleasant.

The rest of the day turns south as we pass eleventy billion little mosquito cesspool ponds. They spawn everywhere, and 100% DEET doesn’t even deter them. Luckily I have a bug jacket and headnet, which I make full use of. I’m so glad I held on to it, as I debated sending it home a few weeks ago.

Our group expands and contracts throughout the day, and at the last stop we’re 5 miles from where we plan to camp. Woody, JrSr and I put in the headphones and rock. I get totally pumped, and I’m feeling good cruising down the trail.

“You guys want to run?” I yell back to them.
“Always!” Responds JrSr.

We run for miles, all of the way to the camp. We avoid all Mosquitos by running, which is amazing. Turns out they were all waiting for us at storm cloud lake. I flail around setting up my tarp and net, swatting the little blood suckers as I pound the stakes into the ground. I laugh as I’m throwing things together with JrSr. This is just outrageous, I’ve never seen Mosquitos so bad. The rest of my night is pure bliss. I’m in a tarp, protected. What more could you ask for?

Mac and not a chance.

The Guthrie’s.







JrSr, Guthrie, woody, chance, twinkle, Mac. Photo by carrot