Day 73, July 6th
Start: deadfall lake, mile 1,542
End: camp at mile 1,571
Miles hiked: 29

Another late morning, 7:15 am start time. Maybe it’s the heat, I’m not sure, but I’ve been sleeping really long. Just needing so much. Woody and Guthrie are just waking up as I take off. At least it’s not only me needing all of this sleep.

It’s an easy day, or so it looks to be. Gentle ups and downs, nothing big. I hike the miles quickly in the morning, getting from water source to water source. Usually it’s springs, beautiful little springs with icy cold water. Just pull and drink.

I take many breaks throughout the day by myself. It’s just feels good, soaking all the scenery in. I really enjoy it, it’s very relaxing. And my feet don’t mind the breaks either. The trail continues following ridges, then dipping back into the forests. I love it.

Before hitting highway 3, I run into Andrew and his wife. They know not a chance from 2012. They hand me a cold PBR and I immediately like them. They have trail magic set up for us at the highway. Woody catches up to me as I’m talking to them. Sounds like everyone is just behind them. Guthrie, Mac, not a chance, carrot, and mongo. Awesome! They are cruising today. It’s fun seeing them all. Mac said he had the NorCal blues, but yesterday cured him, and he’s back fully excited by the trail. This is good to hear. And carrot is still having stomach issues, but it’s clearly not slowing her down. Not at all.

“I’ve done 30 miles by 5!” She says to me.
“That’s always my rule.” I respond to her sarcastically.

We all sit for a while, until I get antsy and have to leave. Andrew and his wife are making dinner for not a chance and whoever wants to stay, but I want to get 30 miles in. The rest already have!! So I hike on by myself, hoping to get close to 10 more miles, even though I know that’s a bit unrealistic.

The trail climbs up, and soon I’m really tired. I see a gorgeous camp spot in a small meadow filled with yellow flowers. I can’t pass it up. It’s 7:30, and I’ve hiked 5 miles from the road. I’m glad I found this spot.

Soon mongo passes. He’s going to hike till midnight to get close to Etna where he meets his gf. Good guy. I think I’ll be camping on my own, as I lay on my sleeping pad, when up walks carrot. She’s done nearly 35 miles. Wow. She’s trying to get to Etna tomorrow night or early the next morning. And she’s trying to get miles in while she’s not too sick, in case her sickness gets much worse. I hope it doesn’t. She sets up camp with me and it’s good to have a friend here. I wonder if I’ll sleep like crazy again tonight? Probably. It’s supposed to be 100 for the next few days. I see lots of naps in my future. And hopefully 30 mile days!




Some good views. Hanging out with Mac, mongo, and woody at trail magic.