Day 68, July 1
Start: moosehead creek, mile1,452
End: camp at mile 1,482
Miles hiked: 30

The morning is a bit cool (hallelujah). I still hike out in only the tank top. I know what is coming, and I know it will hit fast when the sun rises.

The heat.

Today, I tell myself, it is not going to beat me. So I set off strong, hiking as many miles as possible before it hits. I don’t get many in. It’s got to be over 85 by 9am. Yet carrot and I keep pushing. We climb to a ridge top, green in every direction. The sun hits us, and it’s scorching. But with views of Shasta to the north, and rolling hills all around, the heat doesn’t feel so bad. There’s even a little breeze. Small, but enough to notice.

We stay on the ridge for some time. Occasionally dipping below and hiking next to large cliffs. It’s beautiful, and I love it. Back home in Denver I do a lot of climbing. What I like most out there is being up on sharp, narrow ridges. This may not have the excitement of a technical mountain ridge, but it’s awesome none the less. We’re higher than everything around, save Shasta. And there’s no mountains between us and the giant, just a valley and the gentle slopes below tree line. It provides for some epic views.

Carrot starts struggling. She hates the heat, especially the humidity. Although I don’t prefer it, I grew up in Michigan, and every summer was disgustingly muggy and humid, so I feel as though I can handle it fine. The miles are slow, and we struggle to hike anywhere quickly.

Around 5pm, after fighting through tons of poison oak, we make it to ash camp. There’s a bunch of people huddled around a table, and they call us over. A man greets me and introduces himself as Adam. He’s doing trail magic for the hikers with his good friend Wally. They’re super friendly, and it’s great. They have a magnificent spread of hot dogs, hamburgers, fresh salmon, tons of fruits and veggies, chips, beer, and cold gatorades. It’s so so good. Ten speed and diver are there, and so are a few SoBo’s. We all hang out and relax, letting our bodies cool off from the heat.

Soon young grasshopper shows up with her father. He had hiked up to meet her. We saw him on our descent, and he asked if we had seen her. He want carrying any water, and his shirt was drenched in sweat. We were a little worried about him, and happy to see they had found eachother.

After a few hours carrot and I decide to push on. It’s 31 miles to I-5, where we want to hitch into mount Shasta city and take a zero. We would like to get there tomorrow, and 31 miles sounds like a bad way to roll into town. We’re classier than that!

So we leave late and hike 6 more miles. They seem easy after all of the magic Adam and Wally provided. What a huge help! We roll into camp just before 9. It’s a dry camp, yet there’s Mosquitos everywhere here. It’s terrible. So I set up the tarp and big net again. I hate doing that. Cowboy camping > any other type of camping. Oh well. It’s still ridiculously hot. I can’t even get under my quilt, so the big net was a must. Sleep is also a must. Town tomorrow! And our first 0 in 300 miles. We’ve been cruising, and my body needs a rest. Tonight, I’ll dream of ice cream. I’m sure of it.





No invisible bikes on the trail. Noted.

The following photos I stole from carrots instagram. Pretty much any photos of me I just steal from her feed on there.