Day 59, June 22nd
Start: Camp at mile 1221
End: middle fork of feather river, Mile 1251
Miles hiked: 30

Great nights sleep. I woke a few times to a splash if Milky Way running through the tall pines. I can’t think of a better way to wake up in the night. It’s so peaceful and calm. I still can’t get over how lucky I am to be here, sleeping under the stars every night. It’s amazing.

We all take off, heading up hill, running from the Mosquitos that have also woken from their slumber. It’s a beautiful day, high up on ridges covered with a blanket of mules ears and other flowers. There’s large pines everywhere, their trunks covered in a bright green moss. Everything is so green and lush, and I love it.

I feel strong today, I’m hiking fast, having fun enjoying the views on my own. It’s really peaceful. Several of the areas remind me so much of Michigan, so green and lush. I get taken back to hiking at home, hiking in manistee national forest, and I get really happy. I snap out of it when I get views of the rolling mountains. Yup, that’s different.

I spend the evening hiking on my own, listening to the breeze flowing through the trees above me, the birds singing, and the pine needles crunching beneath my feet as I travel north. I think about how strange it is, what we’re all doing. Just walking every day. No idea what’s going on in the world outside of this 18 inch foot path through the pacific crest. It’s so different than normal life. Yet it’s come to feel natural. We create our own culture, have our own lingo and buzz words on the trail, and our conception of what’s acceptable has become totally primal. It’s just weird. I love it.

Eventually carrot catches up to me. I’m taking tons of breaks today, just really letting everything soak in. We have a huge descent to middle fork of the feather river. I convince her to take a break half way down to rest my feet, and I eat almost everything in my pack. Another 2,000 feet down and we make it to a huge footbridge high above the river. Sheriff is far below, will too, sun bathing on the rocks. There are some amazing swimming holes here. Carrot takes full advantage of them right away, talking me into joining her. It’s a beautiful place. We camp close to the river, wash some clothes and ourselves. Not a chance and Mack are here as well, and it’s great. For sure one of my favorite camp sites yet. It’s amazing! Tonight, I’m going to sleep well!