Day 56, June 19th
Start: east meadow campground, mile 1186
End: Sierra city, highway 49, mile 1198
Miles hiked: 12

We sleep in, by design. Only 12 miles to go, and we stayed up late eating a feast. Another camper comes by and gives us some food. She doesn’t say why, just says that her and her husband can’t eat it before they have to leave. She quickly takes off. I think she thought we were homeless. It’s flattering, and the bread, cheese, and salami will make a great lunch today. Boom! Sleeping in the camp ground turned out to be the best decision ever. Plus we drop all our garbage in the dumpster, and have pit toilets. The life of luxury!!!

We hike up and down a bit before reaching Milton creek canyon. It’s just stunning! Huge steep walls filled with giant pines. The ground covered by green moss and lichen. It feels so alive, just teaming with life. I hike carefully, trying not to agitate the bottoms of my feet on the rocks. My feet are in pain. It’s a good thing it’s only a 12 mile day. Guthrie I and I take a few breaks, eating awesome sandwiches from this morning. I use some of carrots mayonnaise, so many calories!

The trail reaches wild plum road with just 3 more miles to highway 49, where you can road walk or hitch 1.5 miles west to Sierra city. But the road is just 3.5 miles, and takes you right to the city. We take the road, and in turn pass another campground. Another camper stops us, and when we tell him what exactly were doing, he gets us each a soda. Best. Day. Ever.

We get into town around noon and meet everyone else who is already here; brainstorm, Mack, not a chance, and John. John is a 19 year old kid, who’s famous on the trail for having his mother post to the ‘pct class of 2014’ Facebook page looking for him, as he hadn’t called in a few days. The group is a great tool to contact others on the trail, but he constantly gets a hard time for that. (Mom, please do not do this, I’m fine, seriously).

We all set up camp behind the church and relax. I pick up a multitude of boxes. One from my good friend Ali in Denver, with some great foods made from my dehydrator that she’s borrowing for the summer, and a very nice note. Another from my uncle jack and aunt joy, with another great card and note, and several other goodies. And one from the Haley family, with a bottle of wine. I drink it quickly. It’s delicious. My friends watch as I open everything, including a box of shoes and a box for my new fanny pack. I feel like it’s my birthday, and it’s awesome!

The rest of the gang trickles in throughout the day, and we all congregate in this tiny town of 225 people (per the road sign), behind the church and at the general store. It feels like Kennedy meadows south all over again. Everyone is here! We all laugh a lot, and drink quite a big at the bar before retiring to the church lawn. It’s a great day! And we all decide to zero tomorrow. I need it, my feet are in bad shape. The new shoes will help, but being off them will help even more.