Day 54, June 17th
Start, camp at 1125
End: Donner pass, mile 1155

Wake up early. Hike fast, but take many breaks. We get views of Lake Tahoe here and there and it’s beautiful. The light shines brightly on the lake and reflects to us. It’s a golden sliver in the distance, yet I know it’s huge. Pretty cool.

We spend the day traversing ridges and dipping down into surreal green forests. We meet up with Guthrie finally, and hike with him for a bit. It’s fun talking with him and hearing his stories of the last two days. At one point we find service on the top of a slope at Squaw Valley. I upload blog posts, send some snapchats, texts, and emails, and find out that the spurs won the nba championship. Sweet, bunch of old guys showing up Lebron. That makes me happy.

We hike on and reach a ridge, high above treeline. The clouds are building, and when we reach the crest, we see that it’s really coming down on the other side of the mountain, and looks like it may on us. It’s just isolated small storms, so I’m not concerned. Cold rain never has an affect on me, right?. I push through as it starts to hale on us. I’m getting wet, my bags getting wet, but I keep pushing. Soon enough it let’s up and it’s just cold wind. I’m not soaked, but I’m wet enough to be cold. We hike on, eventually reaching Donner pass where we camp. I talk to badger for a while. I miss that guy. He’s been a huge help on this trip with a lot of things, and he’s a fellow backpacker, so he understands the needs and concerns on a long trip. It’s going to be another cold night, but the forcast calls for warmer temps. Finally! Hopefully it’s true.

On a side note, my feet are killing me. I have over 1,000 miles on my brooks cascadias and they are falling apart. The soles have giant holes in them, totally worn through. I was going to get a new pair in south Lake Tahoe, but no one in town carried them. I was baffled. So I ordered a pair to Sierra city. I can’t wait. I need them bad, as my feet begin to hurt after roughly 20 miles. Luckily Sierra city is only 40 miles. Can’t wait!

Morning light reflects off Lake Tahoe.

Heading up the pass. Wonder if it’ll storm on us?