Day 52, June 15
Start: south Lake Tahoe, mile 1093
End: Aloha Lake, mile 1101
Miles hiked: 8

It’s a lazy morning. I eat Burger King breakfast with the guys at 9:30, and return to the hotel. Here I finally open my boxes. One has my homemade backpack and sleeping quilt. Yes! Finally, I’ll be light again, albeit cold at night. The other a resupply of food I sent myself. Then on to the good stuff!

Another great box from my uncle Ron and family, filled with treats, including 3 lbs of caramel corn that I love. I share a pound, and no more with the other hikers in the room. It’s gone in a matter of seconds. It includes a great note from him. I also receive another letter from my good friend Libby, full of encouragement. Then a box from the Blaise family. You can tell me Blais is an ultra runner/triathlete, as it’s filled with all of the stuff endurance athletes use. It’s perfect, as endurance is the name of the game out here. Theres also homemade cookies, hell yeah! And as the highlight, there’s an awesome note from them with more encouragement and updates from home.

I love reading the letters from all three, it’s the highlight of my day. I feel so blessed to have so many supportive friends and family. I have to be the luckiest hiker on the pct! I’m sure of it thanks to all 🙂

We get a ride out from Mikes wife. The two of them spent a good amount of time driving us all around in south Lake Tahoe. It’s a very spread out town, and hard to walk everywhere. As such, they have volunteered to be trail angels, available to drive us around town, and to and from the trailheads. Can you believe that? Some people are so kind and generous. It’s people like them that make hiking the pct such a great experience.

Guthrie, carrot, sochie and I head out of echo lake around 4:30, after sending home my backpack and warm sleeping bag. We do an easy 8 miles to aloha lake. Well, it should be easy, but I’m dragging. Once there we set up camp near the windy shores and hit the hay.

Echo lake

Setting up near lake aloha.