Day 49, June 12
Start, Sonora pass, mile 119
End: camp at mile 133
Miles hiked, 14

Despite the Bridgeport inn being notoriously haunted, I slept great, waking really late. All errands are run in the morning. Carrot and I get a ride back to the trail close to noon, making it to the trailhead at 1.

There are signs posted as “Sonora pass cafe”, with arrows to the small campground at the pass. Trail angel ‘owl’ has a picnic table set up with fruit, veggies, cookies, and cake. He also has a great sign set up, with a note to mom. We take some
Goofy pictures with wiki wiki, and proceed to throw darts at a giant mosquito. None of us hit it, it’s too windy.

Carrot and I head out, determined to meet our group, who left 3.5 hours before us. They’re also probably a bit faster than us. We have our work cut out. We say goodbye to wiki and owl and begin climbing around 1,000 feet to a ridge. There’s no snow, but the wind is pretty fierce. We turn the corner of the mountain, getting out of the wind. Thank you mountain for blocking that nuisance. But now we’re on the north side of the mountain, and there’s snow everywhere. It’s about two miles of post holing down, but were pro’s at this now. No big deal.

After some up and down, we reach a great little camp site and fire ring next to the trail. There’s even wood stacked up next to the ring. It’s 7, and our friends are camped roughly 8 miles ahead of where we’re at. We know this thanks to woody’s trail notes he left for us. Carrot and I debate. It’s too good to pass up. I get the fire going and cook my leftover pizza I packed out over it. Pure joy when I bite into the warm pizza. It’s a great night. We’ll catch our friends another time.



Trail magic by owl!

Climbing out of Sonora pass

Kewl mtnz!

MOAR mtnz