Day 51, June 14th
Start: camp at mile 1073
End: highway 50/ south Tahoe, mile 1093
Miles hiked: 20

My alarm goes off at 6. I sit up, and my head spins. I lay back down, and my head spins. I have the hiker hangover. My body feels fine, but 5 hours of sleep is not enough. I needed a few more hours.

I eat some granola and peanuts, and carrot is still laying down. We’ve got to get going to make it there on time. I pull out my iPod nano (thank you Megan F for convincing me to get this, it’s been awesome!), and que up some foreigner, juke box hero.

“Here, put this in” I say to carrot as I hand her one of the two ear buds, the other in my ear.

“What is it?”
“Don’t worry about it.” I say

“Oh yes!” She exclaims, and begins singing along. I play some wicked air guitar as we finish breakfast.

“Alright, I’m ready for it now.” Carrot says, when the song ends.

Soon after we’re on the trail, reaching Carson pass. Guthrie, not a chance, and Mack are all there. They all had near 40 mile days as well yesterday. Mack and not a chance hitch to town from here, but Guthrie carrot and I keep moving, 14 more miles to highway 50. We hike fast, even when our bodies are crashing. They don’t want to keep going. I keep seeing great nap areas, but I have to walk by. It’s a bummer. My body is practically yelling at me to stop. But I can’t. Must. Make. Post office.

I crumble the last few miles to highway 50. We get a quick ride into town from a rock climber. Cool.

Once in town we learn that Twigg and lead dog did 50 miles yesterday. They started at 8:30 am, and finished today at 5:30 am. What the hell? I can’t believe it, and immediately feel wimpy with how excited I was for a 40. Man, our group is a bunch of idiots, all doing ridiculous miles.

I meet up with my uncle bob, cousin mike, and his girlfriend devyn. It’s great to see them. We all go out to dinner, and my whole hiking family shows up after an hour. It’s so fun that they get to see my hiker family and feel for a bit what it’s like. I was so happy that they were there. We enjoyed some brews and pizza while they asked all of their interested questions about life on such a long trail. It was really cool to see how genuinely interested they all were about it.

All the hikers take off to find kareoke (unsuccessfully), and I say my goodbyes to mike devyn and uncle bob. I wish I could see them more. Not just now, but always. Mike is so awesome, and if we didn’t live half a world away growing up, we would have been best friends. Our families are just so similar. Hopefully I see him soon!

I head back to the hotel and set up my mat on the floor as the rest pile in. 8 to a room tonight. It’s the thru-hiker way! I’ll unpack my boxes and organize tomorrow. I got a box from the Blaise family, and my uncle Ron. It’s exciting waiting for tomorrow to open them.

I am so lucky to have so many awesome people in my life, both on the trail and off. I’m just loving life!

Some trail.

Lake Tahoe from afar!

Uncle bob (not trail uncle bob, just his identical twin), a hiker hobo, mike and devyn.