Day 46, June 9
Start: Tuolumne meadows camp, mile 942
End: Matterhorn creek trail junction, mile 962
Miles hiked, 20

I wake and look up to see who I can hear leaving, and as I do I feel intense pain in my neck. I know exactly what has happened. I’ve pulled a muscle in my neck. Shit. I haven’t done this since I was a young kid. I must have been sleeping on it funny, or just pulled my head up too quickly. How stupid. The pain is sharp, and I can’t sit my head up straight. I feel like an idiot.

“Whats a matter?” Carrot asks
“I think I broke my neck.”

I can barely get my pack on. Head cocked to the right, I hike on out. I look like a fool. I just want to lay down all day, like I would as a kid when this happened. My mom would put a heating pad on my neck and I could just lay there all day. She would make me food and take care of me. But my moms no where nearby, and I’m a 26 year old boy. I’ll take care of myself. And try to keep up with the group.

I struggle all day. Sharp pain any time I move my head like a normal person. Guthrie tells me he had it so had once it lasted a month. He went to a physical therapist and shows me what they did to help him. He and carrot take turns trying to rub the muscle to calm t down, but it just feels like they’re trying to rip it out.

I want to talk about how beautiful the day was. Everyone else raved about it. But I just stare at the ground with my head cocked to the side all day. I can’t move my head and look around. It’s absolutely ridiculous and lame. Who pulls neck muscles? So weird. I hope it’s better tomorrow. My giant head feels so heavy on only half a neck.