Day 45, June 8th
Zero in the valley

We wake up early and all head to curry village. Much breakfast is had. Our whole group takes the most awkward group photo in front of the fireplace. It’s perfect. Everyone looks at us as if we’re trash. We are. Smelly, tanned and wrinkled skin. We look gnarly.

Carrot, Guthrie, not a chance, and Mack all want to hike back to Tuolumne meadows via the John muir trail, hitting clouds rest on the way. Sheriff, tiny, coughee and I take on all of their weight that we can. Food, shelter, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and extra clothes. This way they can slack pack it.

Sheriff and I hit up many of the tourist falls toting around far more than is comfortable to carry. We decide to hitch back up early, catching a ride in a truck bed for a few miles. After this a nice young couple from England pick us up. They’re on a year long trip. Started in January, traveling all over Southeast Asia and Australia before coming here. They tell us great stories of Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Australia. Supposedly Cambodia had a mass genocide in the 1980’s that I had never heard of. Some idiot took power and killed off any educated people, trying to turn the country back to a farming country. All doctors, businessmen, nurses, engineers, etc were killed. A huge percentage of the population was completely wiped out. All the while, this guy in charge had a seat with the United Nations. It took Vietnam coming in with their military to end it. They said that there were very few elderly people in the country, and anyone over 30 was a ‘survivor’. It was fascinating to hear, and I felt stupid never having heard of this. Definitely something I want to research more in depth when I’m home. Crazy to think that has happened so recently. We’re all so protected over here. I’ve never felt unsafe, and it’s easy to be ignorant to what’s going on outside of our country.

On e back up top we see brainstorm, tiny, big sauce, coughee, and many other friends. We all eat as much as humanly possible. Burgers, chili dogs, cakes, pies. Everything that has high caloric density. Eventually the hiker crew shows up, and we all go camp in the backpackers camp at tuolumne camp ground. Twig builds a fire, and the rest of us get silly. Sheriff shows off his many talents. He can kick himself in the back of the head with the bottom of his shoe. He also can put both legs behind his head. On top of this, he can impersonate a chicken and it’s movements to a T. At one point, he impersonates a chicken as we all watch, turns to face the group, and eats it hard, falling over a large boulder. We Seoul in laughter. I almost throw up, as I’m laughing so hard I can barely breathe. Many more laughs are had before we all climb into our recharging bags.

I sit now thinking of how lucky I am to be here, in Yosemite, with several friends. We’re so happy to be here with one another. Every one of us has sacrificed to be here. It’s not easy. Many left a lot behind. Money, friends, a job, a house. But we all took this chance to find something bigger. Something that will push us, will test us, and will even break us at times. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made to do this. Although I wasn’t unhappy in my life, I knew there was more out there, if I was just willing to take the chance to find it. Im so glad I took this chance.

“Well we could say, it’s just how it is, how it always will be.
and believe, things will never change, as far as we can see.
It’s a disaster, it doesn’t matter. Well I disagree.
A ray of hope remains, if we take the reins. We’ll arrive, eventually.” -311

Upper and lower Yosemite falls

Sheriff woody enjoys a truck bed hitch. Uninstructed views of Yosemite!

Sheriff and I with the nice English couple doing a year long vacation. They were so great to talk to!

Best awkward group shot ever

Making fun in tuolumne. I won this game.