Today we hiked 24 miles between the saufleys and the Anderson’s. TheAnderson’s are also trail angels who accept all hikers, and cook a giant dinner for all every night. Us pct hikers are so spoiled out here by the trail angels.

Carrot Sherrif and I woke up at 4:15 and were walking the 3 mile road walk before light. The full moon was out, however, and was so bright that we cast moon shadows. The hike was pleasant to begin, going steadily up hill through tall grassy fields. Around 11am it started getting unbearably hot. Up to 105 by 2. No matter how much we drank, it never felt enough. I was dizzy and felt drunk for the last two hours of the hike, even though I was drinking a lot. It’s just hard to sustain activity like that for a long period of time in the beating sun and heat.

Around 3, carrot, the boss, Sherpa and I quickly made it to the road and hitched to the Anderson’s, where we were greeted by many hikers all clapping, hooting and hollering for our arrival. A good hiker party scene. Here, everyone must wear a Hawaiian tshirt. It’s pretty wild. We all enjoy the seats out front and place our sleeping pads in the groves out back. The couch feels so nice. It’s the little things.

With dolphin the space traveller and carrot. Braving the 105 degree heat with no shade.

High grassy bald

Carrot and water. Which we never got close to

Caught another horned toad lizard!

Tiny, Guthrie, carrot, not a chance, dolphin the space traveller at casa de Luna.