Nearly 50 hikers here last night. Roughly half left, and another crop of smelly nomads trickled in throughout the day. The saufleys and fellow volunteers worked tirelessly all day. The hikers helped a lot, but several times were turned down when offering a hand. They want us to relax. Want us to enjoy a day off. They are trail angels in the truest sense.

At their home in Agua Dulce they have three trailers, multiple cots and large tents outside, a tent with laptops for internet access, a shower, a mailing station where you can send anything along with click and ship. They receive your packages and organize them. They offer you a shower and cool places to sit in the shade. They allow drinking and smoking, and no one takes advantage of that, or gets rowdy even in the least bit. They are so kind that you naturally respect them. They do this all, and ask for nothing in return. Hikers still give generous donations if they can (and most do), but still, they will never ask for money. What they do here is nothing short of amazing for the hiking community. Backpacker magazine is here taking pictures for two days, along with interviews to showcase the saufleys generosity. Look for this in the September issue.

Carrot, sheriff, not a chance, Mack, mass hole, Dewey, leap frog, the boss, Sherpa, twig, lead dog, sock pot, and many other hikers all chill out the day. Taking care of everything that is needed while here, and enjoying each others company. We drink cold drinks, laugh in the shade, and watch Shawshank Redemption. Send some gear ahead to the sierras. I also receive my new sleeping pad. I’m excited for this!

Mid afternoon and brainstorm shows up! I haven’t seen him since post-apocalyptic Mikes. It seems like such a long distance away, yet only a short time ago. It is great to see him, and else spend a lot of time catching up. So great seeing him and knowing he’s still killing it. Turns out he always knows where I’m at by reading here, yet I never know what’s up with him. Made for a nice surprise when he showed up. Mannopause also showed later in the afternoon, and we all have a group hug. It’s really a great place here. Below are pictures of this magical place. Special thanks to the saufleys for everything they do!

With the amazing volunteers. Donna saufley is in pink.

Momma carrot and Sherrif carry groceries for resupply out of town

Many boxes, wow. Such food. -carrot

Hiker trash hang out

Guthrie and twig. The shirtless militia. Notice twigs tan like from his backpack

With brainstorm!!!!!

Carrot and other hikers at the laptop tent.

Hiker heaven

Please note that carrot has shown me how to post these entries from my phone, and I’ve been trying it out here and there. As such, there will be typo’s and auto correct errors, along with many other natural errors (I was always one of the first to drop in spelling bees). Off to the Anderson’s tomorrow! Supposed to be the hottest day of the week, nearly hitting 100 degrees!