The big hike is quickly approaching. Only ten days until I leave for the ADZPCTKO (annual day zero pacific crest trail kick off). There is still a full week of work ahead of me, and moving out of my apartment. Just lots of little things to do here and there. This weekend, on top of doing all of the little planning things, I was able to get a nice hike in with my younger sister. We got a late start, so we ended up at nearby Roxborough State Park. This place had beautiful rock formations, and a nice and easy 6.2 mile hike up Carpenter peak. From here there were great views of Longs Peak, Dinosaur Ridge, and Downtown Denver. It was really nice to spend the quality time with Monica, who plans to join me on the PCT in late May for a week or so. I also loaded up my pack with 5 liters of water along with all of the gear I would be taking with me, just to see how it felt. I was happy that the bag held up very well, and didnt’ feel too heavy on me at all. I also got a chance to try out my new camera that I purchased with my tax return, the Sony RX-100. It’s a hybrid camera, yet it’s still very small. Again, I was happy with the camera. Here’s some of the pictures I took from the hike.

“If you want to sound wise, go to school. If you want to be wise, go to nature.”