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I’ll be taking my first steps away from the Mexico border on the Pacific Crest Trail in just one month. When I arrived home from work late last night, it seemed much more official.  I obtained my thru-hikers permit for the PCT, which grants you access to camp along PCT in all national parks, forests, etc.  It also grants you access into Canada (assuming you have a passport, which I will be sending to my last resupply in Washington).  It was exciting to receive this in the mail, and know I’ll be carrying it with me a very long ways.


Additionally, I received my PCT Class of 2014 Bandana.  For the past 10 or 15 years, a PCT regular has been making these class bandana’s and giving them out to all aspiring thru-hikers.  It’s pretty cool that they do this, and will definitely be a nice keepsake for me.  I also plan on carrying it for the entire trail.


Although I am happy that is it coming so soon, it makes me nervous with the amount of preparation I still need to do. I need to move my belongings into storage, get health insurance for my time ou on the trail, and do countless other things to be fully prepared.  Most of all, I need to keep hiking to get in the best shape possible for the hike.  I did 15 miles this past Saturday on segment 2 of the Colorado Trail with my roommate, Andrea, who will be attempting the AT with me.  It was a beautiful day to start, but quickly turned into strong winds and snow.  Here’s a few shots from our training hike.

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