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I’ve been doing a lot of planning over the past few months.  My plan is to hike the PCT first, from Mexico to Canada.  From there, I plan to grab a flight from Seattle to Bangor, ME.  Here I will meet up with my good friend Andrea who will be hiking the Appalachian Trail South with me. I officially start the PCT on April 25th, 2014.  I need to be back to Denver to resume work at Deloitte in mid November.  That gives me roughly 205 days (see below).  However, I’ll have to take roughly 2-3 days to get from the end of the PCT to the start of the AT.  That leaves me with approximately 202 days to hike.  As such, I calculated below how many days each trail would take, respectively, based on a certain daily average milage (20, 22, etc…).  Note that these are Averages.  My daily mileage will fluctuate greatly depending on the terrain seen each day, how close I am to a town (I’ll hurry for pizza!) and how many 0 mile days I take.  After some contemplation, I believe that I must keep a pace of 26 miles per day average on the PCT to give myself & Andrea a fair amount of time to hike the PCT.  My personal goal is to be closer to 30 miles a day on the PCT, but I’m not sure how realistic that is (we’ll after a month or so of being out there).  However I am going to try my best to not dip below a 26/day average, to make sure I am not putting Andrea in a bad position of having to rush on the AT.  If I average the 26 miles/day on the PCT, that will allow us to hike roughly 22 miles a day on the AT (average), which is a comfortable average, and will allow us a lot of time to enjoy the trail. Note that these are not strict guidelines that I will go by, but rather numbers in the back of my head that I will keep in mind throughout the trails to try to ensure that I am able to finish both trails.

PCT & AT logistics